How to Increase Wife's Libido

A woman's libido is often characterized as her sex drive. Like other needs and desires, it isn't uncommon for the female libido to vary in intensity and frequency over the years. A number of factors play a significant role in a woman's desire for sex. Relationships, self-esteem, body image, stress level, hormones and overall health contribute to the vitality of the female libido. With all these components in the mix, it doesn't necessarily mean that everything needs to be perfect for a woman to want sex. Certain techniques can be used to help improve a decreased sex drive in a woman.

Step 1
Discuss each other's likes and dislikes as well as wants and needs in the bedroom. Simply talking to one another can put you on the same page in regard to sex and help increase your wife's libido.

Step 2
Resolve any communication problems between the two of you, urges the Mayo Clinic. Fights and conflicts are natural, but, when left unresolved, they can affect the desire for sex.

Step 3Make room in your lives for alone time. Sometimes, couples lose their connection with one another when they don't spend enough time alone together, which can impact a wife's libido.

Step 4
Help out around the house. A woman's energy level can also contribute to a decreased sex drive, so make sure to take out the garbage, vacuum the carpets, scour the toilet and tub, empty the dishwasher and pick up the groceries to take the load off your wife's shoulders.

Step 5
Schedule time for sex. In an ideal world, sex is always spontaneous, but life can get busy, and you may need to mark dates off on the calendar for the two of you to have sex.

Step 6
Spice up your sex life. Your wife's low libido can be caused by a stale routine in the bedroom. To negate boredom and improve sex drive, consider trying new sexual positions, games, massage and other activities in the bedroom.

Step 7
Compliment your wife. This can make her feel more desirable and subsequently boost her desire to have sex. But avoid complimenting just to initiate sex; make it a regular occurrence.

Tips and Warnings,
Exercise has been known to improve libido. Make time to increase your physical activity level together through swimming, biking, hiking or playing tennis. Low sex drive can also be caused by medical problems. If nothing you try improves your wife's libido, encourage her to see a medical professional, especially if the loss of libido is distressing to her as well.

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